Miss Perfect Bundles

Miss Perfect Bundles

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Inspired by a desire to see women of all ages overcome the pressures of life and begin experiencing freedom and purpose, Karin Conlee felt compelled to write Miss Perfect: Discovering God’s Purpose without the Pressure. This 9-week curriculum serves as both a small group Bible study and a mentoring resource for women who are ready to break free from both the internal and external pressures they face.

The bundles include:

  • 8 weeks of personal interactive study for 5 days per week

  • 8 weeks of mentoring questions

  • Viewer guide for use with 10 DVD teaching sessions (9 weeks, plus 1 bonus session)

  • 3 DVDs containing 9 sessions, 1 bonus session, and 3 promotional videos (about the author, about the study, and the pajama promo)

Session Times:

  • Session One: 23:56

  • Session Two: 21:58

  • Session Three: 17:46

  • Session Four: 25:13

  • Session Five: 20:42

  • Session Six: 23:36

  • Session Seven: 22:50

  • Session Eight: 20:55

  • Session Nine: 24:37

  • Bonus Session: 19:35

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