Karin Conlee is a friend of mine and has written a terrific book. It’s a manifesto of sorts. It’s a flag Karin has driven deep into the sand, affirming the beauty which God intended for our lives, and challenging many of the myths about perfection which are preventing us from living fully. This is a book for women who have had it matter more what their lives and their faith look like, rather than what they really were.

— Bob Goff

Chief Balloon Inflator, Love Does and Restore International

This book tackles a tough issue that many women deal with: how to do it all perfectly!! Karin gives a biblical perspective for women of any age, together with straightforward advice, and practical tips and tools to guide any woman into her true identity in Jesus as a daughter of the King of Kings. This is the best book on the subject and is great for women of any age or station in life. Miss Perfect is a must-read!

— Phyllis Hendry

President and CEO, Lead Like Jesus

Miss Perfect encourages women from every walk of life, no matter the stage, to stop chasing after the charade of perfection the world’s standards have set for us. Every single one of us needs godly encouragement from strong females who understand that pursuing a relationship with Jesus is the only way to have a fulfilling and joy-filled life. I am blessed and so grateful to count Karin Conlee, who has made it her mission to do just that, as one of these women in my life. 

— Amy Howard

CEO and CCO, Amy Howard At Home

In today’s culture we are bombarded by images and ideals that leave so many people feeling like they don’t measure up. In Miss Perfect, Karin gives practical truths from God’s Word to help women realign their perspective on identity, escape the trap of comparison, and walk in their unique God-given purpose.

— John Siebeling

Lead Pastor, The Life Church

In recent years, I’ve frequently had this crazy thought: I’m lucky I wasn’t born a woman with all of today’s unrealistic expectations and demands! That’s why Karin’s book is a must-read for all women who want to be free from the pressure. This book is truly about empowering women with God’s purpose. 

— Ken Blanchard

Co-Author of The One Minute Manager and Co-Founder, Lead Like Jesus

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karin! You are writing and daring to live out such freedom, grace, and the very intent God has for not only women, but also for all of His Church. You give answers to the “perfection” lie that runs deep in our culture. You are showing us how to live out of who Christ says we are. It is profound; full of redemption and clean, joyful, fresh air. We can live this way. This is not wishful thinking, but the Original Good News! We’re so proud to stand with you at Highpoint and far beyond with this message of true reformation. This is freedom to live fully into our purposes, our very destinies. All without having to hide or bluff. What sacred, wonderful, good news!

— John Lynch

Co-Author of The Cure and Author of On My Worst Day

Anxieties sprout as fast as mushrooms in a dark room. They multiply in the closets of our mind. One of the triggers that seeds and feeds this emotional terror is an attempt to be everything to everyone. Karin reminds us that thoughts produce experiences more than experiences produce thoughts. With mastery, she challenges our thinking to get in alignment with God’s thinking. If you want to understand the key reasons behind your anxiety, as well as glean practical steps to overcome being overwhelmed, this book is for you. (Now she needs to write one for men!)

— Mick Ukleja, Ph.D.

President, LeadershipTraQ